Stephanie Chizoba Odili


Stories by Stephanie.

Nothing compares to storytelling. Telling your story and that of the people around you has got to be the best job ever!

And as a member of the world’s coolest people, it’s only natural that Stephanie’s a journalist. She has training and experience in online, print, radio, film & TV broadcast. Currently, she has a keen interest in telling human rights and social justice stories.

Career journey/milestone:

Stephanie is currently interested and actively looking to work as a gender advocate journalist, exposing the discrimination and abuses that indigenous women and girls in Africa endured and are enduring through news stories, news features, and documentary. She wants to bring to light the cases of women survivors as well as bring a form of solitude and justice to those who have been abused, insulted, segregated and looked down on. If you have any opening, story, or are looking for a reporter, please contact her here.