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Deafening Silence


Deafening Silence is Stephanie’s debut novel published in April 2018 by Amber Publishing Limited. The novel is a story of a young woman’s journey to destiny through war and sacrifice. How much of the past must she know to help her shape her country’s future?

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  • “Incorporating the literary inclinations of Professor Adimora Ezeigbo as well as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the author Stephanie Odili dares where creative titans have trod, perhaps being the youngest as of now, to have embarked upon a touching and troubling theme as the digging for truths about Nigeria Civil War, The Biafra Dream, and its many unattained realities.”

    - New Telegraph

  • “It was a really engaging novel. it got me constantly trying to figure out which part was real, and what was fiction because of its storytelling style...I enjoyed the use of the Nigerian lingo it speaks volumes of its originality...Chapter nine was one of my favorites, maybe my best, oh Destiny! I enjoyed the narration and the depiction of the war a little too much. it really drew me in. Chapter 14 was very explosive, wow! another contender for my best chapter.”

    - Raymond Ativie, Director of Reftek Consulting.

  • “Deafening silence, a meal for lovers of historical fiction, uses a touch of Nigerian Language (Igbo) to give great insight to mouth-watering adventures some of which include a lifestyle of a British-Nigerian, born into a lot of privileges. The book also gives an insight into a non-biased story of the Nigerian civil war and all the tragedies attached to it from the point of view of individuals that experienced it. The book was written in such a way that uplifted the Nigerian Culture and Language.”

    - Abigail Ikiroma, Writer