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"I spent 3 hours at the car wash, not because of my car but because I was glued to your book. I just sat back and read it all. You found a way to put in your character in every word you wrote. You are bold, realistic and relatable.""

- Juliet Mafua, BBC Africa reporter.

" If the book were just these four chapters—The Road That Lies Ahead, Shaking Tables, Isn’t It Ironic, and Wives and Husbands—I would still count it very much worth it. The build-up of chapters was as amazing as Malcolm Gladwell’s books. I’ll definitely read it a couple more times. ""

- Charles Eke; CEO, Check DC.

"22 was a deviation from what I am used to reading. The book held me down and I read it in one sitting, moving from story to poem, I admired the author's ability to share in a way that made you feel like it was your story and you were as much a part of it as the writer. It was a super, worthwhile investment of time, even for the third time.""

- Buchi Okoro; CEO, Quidax.

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